Praise for "The Invisible Economy of Consumer Engagement"

“Always leading so thoroughly on the critical topic of trade promotion, Rob Hand provides the foundation and vision, and proposes the solution here. From day one at Coca-Cola we learn to stand in the shoes of the consumer and over the course of my 20 year career we worked to create desire for our products where she shops, winning by inspiring her to buy through investments with retailers.  Retailers important part of your future? Start your work here!  The Invisible Economy of Consumer Goods” should have come with ink refills for my pen – I took a lot of notes!”

William Deakin
SVP Growth & Ecommerce, Sprecher Brewing Co.

“The intelligent deployment of capital will be critical to future differentiation between leaders and laggers in the Consumer Goods Industry; in order to win, companies will need to overhaul their Trade Promotion and Revenue Growth Management strategies. Rob Hand’s book captures all you need to know as to why this is the case and delivers actionable steps for implementing the essential changes you need to make now.”

Dominick Dinardo
CEO, Founder, Aforza, Inc.

“In 2003 when I was launching a trade promotion effectiveness planning application, I searched for someone who could explain the archaic trade promotion management practices being used by many of  the best CPG companies because I thought I was missing something – it could not be this bad. This search lead me to Rob Hand. Read this book and you will see why I stuck gold back in 2003 when I engaged Rob to guide me though this product launch. Rob has championed the use of better tools to get real ROI from promotions for years.  There is no better person to write the definitive guide on improving the effectiveness of trade promotion spending.”

John Bermudez
Vice President Product Marketing, TraceLink

“Amazing book and for sure the most complete about Trade Promotion Management I have ever read!. Rob has a very comprehensive view of all elements to drive consumer behavior and purchase from basic concepts of TPM/TPO and Revenue Growth Management to the latest cutting-edge technologies as AI/ML, Big Data and Blockchains. It is a mandatory reading for sales, marketing and supply chain professionals and students!”

Luciano Sandoval
Digital IT Global Sales, Director (Revenue Management and TPM)

“Finally … Rob publishes THE book about Trade Promotion. I recommend the book to anyone who wants to understand what drives consumer engagement globally. The book provides it all, the history, the status quo, and the inspiration and guidance required for a successful future. “The Invisible Economy of Consumer Engagement” underlines Rob’s thought leadership of the last decades.”

Timo Wagenblatt
Product Manager, Google Merchant Shopping

“No one understands the complexity of this massive consumer ecosystem than Rob Hand.  Rob has for two decades been a global leader in the understanding of consumer relationships: how to build them, how to engender trust in those relationships, and how to keep customers coming back for more.  Rob has deep firsthand experience working with consumer goods companies and retailers in the implementation of trade promotion and marketing programs.  He also has advanced the understanding of how to leverage systems to effectively manage the billions of dollars that change hands each year.  In the past, when I have referred Rob to colleagues for advice, I often say that Rob has written the book on trade promotions.  And now he has.  In this book you will find the first in-depth and documented source of everything you need to know about modern trade promotion.  I highly recommend it as a reference for best practices in this ever changing world of consumer relationships.”

Keith Costello
General Manager, Global SAP Business, IBM

“The Consumer Goods sector, including brands and retailers, has performed admirably for over 100 years. During this period a number of processes, with accompanying technology, were conceived to ensure the efficacy of what we do. Category Management, Advanced Supply Chain Intelligence, Efficient New Product Introduction, and Trade Promotion Management and Optimization –each working in concert with the other– have been the bullwork of an industry built for a global population and world of needs. We’ve come a long way since, and Rob Hand has now provided a read worth reading, because while what we’ve done has mattered, the only thing that matters now is how we invent ourselves for a new future unfolding. A future based not on what we know, but what we need to know. Not for an industry that serves its own ends, but one that continues to serve its true purpose. We’ve had seminal moments in the past that have changed everything. Rob has painted a bold picture, while providing a most useful roadmap, for us to see what’s next, and deliver what’s required.”

Michael Forhez
Global Managing Director, Industry Strategy Group, Oracle Corporation

“Rob Hand is one of the foremost experts globally in Trade Promotion Management and the broader category of Revenue Growth Management.  I have known Rob for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of working side by side with him and collaborating in the space.  Excited that he is sharing his insight and knowledge with the rest of the world!”

Harris Fogel
Global Vice President, Consumer Products at SAP

“Here is a business book you won’t give away.  The “been there – done it” stories and straight forward folk-talk pulls you in to this largely invisible world all while you reach for a highlighter for the plethora of insights and how-tos he backs up with facts and clear examples.  I dog ear bookmarked page after page and the other pages are covered in yellow highlights. Insightful and exceptionally fun to read.  Thanks Rob!”

Larry Layden
Senior Vice President, UCBOS

“Not only does Rob point the way forward for both retailers and consumer products companies in the execution of trade promotion, but he shows us all how we arrived at where we are today. He places the consumer where they should be—the north star that guides the planning and execution of every single promotion.”

Kim Zablocky
Founder, Retail Value Chain Federation